I was dying to
someone say

That I didn’t need
to try so hard to be perfect,
That i was enough
it was okay.

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This. Earlier.

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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having a crush is painful and horrible but not having a crush is just so boring

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I know that I am almost twenty years old and I still feel like I am sixteen and confused, fifteen and wanting more, fourteen and punching walls.
I know that the sky is blue, but white on days where it rains and I cannot get out of bed.
I know that the grass stands tall in my yard, until it gets stepped on and pushed to be smaller, pushed to be weak, pushed to die.
I know that when the weather is colder, my knees will hurt more and my heart will want to shut down.
I know that I need constant reminders that who I am is who I need to be and that no matter how that happens, I must know that I am growing into beautiful.
I know that I am terrified of forevers and awfully scared of what this means, but I am half in love with you and I don’t know much else.
Amanda Helm - These are the only things I know (via infinitautopia)

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